Math 2554H, Fall 2018

All homework assignments may be found via MyMathLabs. These problems should be done on the computer. Your User ID is your UArk username; for example, if your email is, your User ID is "mathstudent." If you have not logged in recently (or ever), you may need to follow the "Forgot your password?" link to set or reset your password.

Important dates

Date or date dueAssignment or event
Monday, Aug. 20First day of class
Friday, Aug. 24Last day to add a course
Friday, Aug. 31Last day to drop a course
Monday, Sep. 3Labor day—no class
Tuesday, Sep. 18First midterm exam–good luck! You will be allowed a non-graphing calculator. Some suggested review problems may be found here.
Thursday, Sep. 20We will have an exploration instead of a lecture.
Oct. 5 Office hours canceled.
Wednesday, Oct. 10Second midterm exam–good luck! You will be allowed a non-graphing calculator. Some suggested review problems may be found here.
Oct. 15–16Fall break
Friday, Oct. 19We will have an in class exploration rather than an office hour.
Thursday, Nov. 8Third midterm exam–good luck! You will be allowed a non-graphing calculator. Some suggested review problems may be found here.
Friday, Nov. 16Last day to withdraw from a course.

If you have three final exams scheduled on the same day, then under university policy you are entitled to an alternative exam date; however, you must request an alternative final exam date on or before November 16.
Nov. 20–23Thanksgiving break (for our class; your other classes may meet on Tuesday, November 20).
Thursday, Dec. 6Last day of class
Thursday, Dec. 6Project due
Friday, Dec. 7Complete the online course evaluation on or before this date.
Monday, Dec. 10Final exam, 3:00–5:00 p.m.

Good luck! You will be allowed a non-graphing calculator. Some suggested review problems may be found here.

Useful documents and links

Course Information

Meeting times Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 2:00–2:50 p.m., Gearhart Hall 150
InstructorAriel Barton
OfficeSCEN 222
Office hours Gearhart Hall 150, Fridays 2:00–2:50
SCEN 222, Mondays 4:05–4:20, Wednesdays 4:05, or by appointment.
No class meetings or office hours will be held on days when the university is closed due to inclement weather.

Course Description: Topics in analytic geometry and calculus presented in a rigorous manner suitable for an honors student.

Prerequisites: Honors standing or departmental consent; and a score of at least 30 on the math component of the ACT exam, or a score of at least 680 on the math component of the old SAT or 710 on the math component of the new SAT.

Course meetings: In most weeks we will have lectures on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, an exploration on Tuesdays, and open/office hours on Fridays. Exceptions are Friday, October 19, when we will have an exploration; Tuesday, November 20, when we will not meet; and the week of October 1--5, when I will be out of town late in the week and will have lectures and an exploration on whatever dates are possible for my substitute.

Required Materials: Students are required to have the the MyLabsPlus Student Access Kit. The textbook is recommended, but not required since an electronic version of the textbook is included in the kit. To log in to MyLabsPlus,

  1. Go to the website
  2. Find and click the “Forgot your password” link. (If you've used MLP before and remember your password, you can skip this step. If you haven't used MLP before, you will still use the “Forgot your password” link to set a new password.)
  3. Enter the first part of your uark email address in the box labeled “User ID:” (for example, if your address is, you would enter “mathstudent”).
  4. Check your email for a message with the subject “Password Reset Information” from, and follow the directions in the email.

Problems with the software: If your login fails, please check that you typed in the correct web address for MLP: If you are able to open your course but you are not able to access your assignments, please try again. If you have tried a few times and still receive an error message, then you need to contact the MLP Technical Support line at 888-883-1299 (available 24/7) or click on the Support Tab and then click on the email address. If you contact the company please make sure that they give you a case number and keep that number in case it is needed for verification. Be sure that your browser will support the MLP software. Be sure to run the browser check once you get started! On campus assistance is available in the MRTC located on the third floor of Champions Hall (the main office of the MRTC is CHPN 308). From time to time, you may receive messages that your session has timed out. This often is due to the cookies downloaded to your computer from the MLP website. To resolve this issue, either delete the cookies from your computer or try logging in with a different browser (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

Text: Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 3rd Edition, by William Briggs, Lyle Cochran, Bernard Gillett, and Eric Schulz.

Course grade: Here is how I plan to weigh your grades:

MyMathLabs homework 12%
Explorations 10%
Project 10%
Midterm tests 13% each
Final 29%

Homework: Computer homework will be posted weekly on MyLabsPlus. I plan to use the same MyLabsPlus homework as the general section; the honors section will be distinguished by the explorations and the project. The general trend will be that the computer homework for the week will become live on Monday morning and will be due by Sunday evening at midnight. Note that computer homework comes with deadlines. After the deadline the computer homework will not be available.

Tutoring: There are free student tutors in Class+ and MRTC---CHPN 326. Additional tutors may be found in Mullins Library, ENGR, Reid, Futrall, Maple Hill, and/or the NW Quad. Visit their websites for the latest hours.

The MRTC has designated a “Calculus Corner” in CHPN 326 (the MRTC Teaching Center). This area is set aside for calculus students who need additional help or who would like to work with others on course assignments or to better understand the concepts under investigation.

It is highly advisable that you seek out help and assistance should you need it!

Exploration: Every Tuesday (with some exceptions as noted above) students are expected to attend class and work a short list of in class problems. Students may work collaboratively on these problems, but each student is expected to write up their solutions on their own. Students are expected to write clear, complete, correct solutions; grading on Explorations is primarily concerned with quality of presentation and not correct answers.

Your lowest Exploration score will be dropped. If at least 80% of the class completes the course evaluations by the deadline, your two lowest Exploration scores will be dropped.

Project: There will be one large project, to be turned in at the end of the semester. Students may work collaboratively on the project, but are to write up their solutions on their own. Students will be graded on the quality of their presentation as well as the correctness of their answers.

Tests: There will be three midterms tests and a final exam. I plan to hold midterm exams during class time on the dates indicated in the calendar above. The final exam will occur in our regular classroom at the time indicated on the registrar’s website.

If you require accommodations on an exam, notify your instructor as soon as possible, but in all cases at least one week before the exam is to be held. Documentation from the CEA will be required.

Make-up exam requests also require written documentation as to your conflict. Except in the case of medical or other unforeseen emergencies, make-up exam requests must be made at least one week before the exam is to be held. Make-up exams are at the instructor's discretion; if you do not provide a documented reason why you cannot take the exam at the usual time, if your reason is considered inadequate, or if your request for a make-up exam is not made in a timely fashion, I reserve the right to refuse a make-up exam or to assess a late penalty (deduction from your score).

Incompletes: Only given in extreme circumstances, and only when the student has satisfactorily completed all but a small portion of the work in the course. Students must make prior arrangements with the professor well before the end of the semester.

Academic Integrity: All students will be bound by and should familiarize themselves with the university's academic integrity policy.